Get ready for shopping new windows for your home - here are 10 things you should consider before taking the jump.

1. Start by determining your needs

Firstly you should consider what requirements you have for your new windows - energy performance, sound reduction, design options, functions and more. Are you replacing like for like or are you trying to improve your home's aesthetics or energy performance?
If you need guidance with this we are always ready to help - use the chat-box in the lower righthand corner.  

2. Which type of windows are suitable for your home?


The style of windows originally fitted in your house is often a good choice when replacing. If your windows have been replaced in the past, they may no longer be in the original style. Do some research and see if you wish to bring back the original style.
On the other hand, today there are many options for adding your personal touch and create the home you have always been dreaming of - without compromising on the energy performance or quality of the windows.

3. Do you need energy glazing?

Maybe you have heard of u-values when talking about windows. The u-value indicates the window's ability to transmit heat - the lower value the better. A Klarvindu window is fitted with glass from Saint Gobain that typically has a u-value of 1.1 W/m2K for double glazing and 0.6 W/m2K for triple glazing. A low u-value can have a big effect on your heating bill.

4. Do you get a warranty?

It is important that you are future proofing your home when you buy new windows. When you buy Klarvindu windows and doors you always get a 10-year warranty.

5. Consider the functionality

It is easy to forget comfort and quality of life - your windows should be good looking and easy to use while providing good living conditions and light. Many Klarvindu windows has options like hidden ironmongery and you can tailor the features to meet your personal requirements. 

6. Ventilation options

An often overlooked practicality is as simple as ventilation! All Klarvindu windows are very user friendly and are available with easy-to-operate click trickle vents. This makes is easy to keep the air circulating in your home when needed.

7. Quality


It is important to remember that a window is not just FSC timber, aluminium and glass. It also includes hinges, weather seals, locks, handles, paint, vents and more. At Klarvindu we work with the best DVV approved suppliers like; IPA, Assa Abloy and Akzo Nobel - which ensures a very high-quality end product.

8. Time frame

When do you need your windows? And when can your new windows be fitted in your house? 
Regardless whether you install the window yourself or let your builder do it, your Klarwindows windows and doors will be delivered in 4-7 weeks from order. This means you can get on with your project, in a shorter time frame than with any other supplier of Scandinavian windows.

9. Price

We wish to give you most possible window for you money. That is why we have made the process as simple as possible - cutting out any expensive middlemen. Your order goes directly into production in our own factory and your new windows and doors will be delivered directly from our factory to your door. 

10. When and where?

You can order your windows and doors directly on or you can ask your builder to do it for you.

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With a combination of expertice, quality products and reliable delivery on orders  you will experience a new way of buying windows.