In the guide below we will walk you through the steps of installing your new front door. Buying a door online can be a daunting task - let alone installing it! 

It is not rocket science to replace a front door - but you do have to know your way around your tools and the process to ensure a good result. 
If you are up for some DIY, you can follow our guide to install your new front door - and we will be a quick call away to guide you, should you have any problems along the way. 
This is a standard guide, focused on Klarwindows Scandinavian doors. Some products may have special requirements, which is why it is important always to follow the installation manual for your given product.

5 easy steps to replace your front door

  1. When installing a front door, the first step is to place the door in the center of the opening - it is important to have even spacing around the door frame for sealing.
  2. Fix the door in the right position with wedges or packers in all four corners. Make sure you have even spacing between the frame and the brickwork.
  3. Then, make sure you have the threshold and the hinged side of the door completely level and plumb
  4. Make sure you have permanent packers under the threshold and by the hinges. Fix the hinged side of the door in 3-4 places and make sure the frame is straight - no bending or flexing is allowed. Check this with a long spirit level.
  5. Then fit the door leaf back onto the hinges. Close the door and adjust the closing side of the frame with wedges/packers. When the closing side is adjusted correctly fix the closing side in 3-4 places.

Don't rush it

No matter where you are installing a new door, it is important that you take your time to do a proper job. It would be a shame to fit your new front door wrong and compromise the function of the door or the security of your family. A bad installation can even cause bigger problems further down the line - and in worst cases void your 10-year warranty.
Take your time, do a proper job - and ask for help if you are in doubt.

Still in doubt?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to guide you through the installation of your door. 

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