Your windows certainly can’t speak, but they’re more communicative than you imagine. When something isn’t quite right, and your windows need replacement, they will show you signs to let you know.

The language of your windows isn’t always that straightforward, so we’ve created this guide to help you understand what your windows are trying to convey. Read on to find out whether it’s time to replace your old windows!

1Are your energy bills becoming higher?
If you’ve noticed that you’re paying more and more each year to keep yourself warm during winter, it may be a sign that your windows are no longer insulating your home. Installing new double glazed windows helps prevent heat loss in your house, hence reduces your heating bills.
If you’ve got the budget to invest in triple glazing, your home may become even more affordable to live in in the long run!
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2How well is your window sealed?
There's several ways to check whether your window is leaking. You can look for cracks and leaks in the joints from the outside, or you can run the ‘paper test.’
Open your window, stick a piece of paper out and close the window so that the sheet is trapped. If you aren’t feeling a lot of resistance when you try to pull the sheet towards you, your window is very likely to be leaking.
You can also identify drafty windows through the ‘candle test.’ Place a lit candle on your window sill and observe how much the flame flickers. Intense flickering indicates leaky windows.


Having your old windows replaced is often the best solution to leaky windows. If the seals on other window panes fail after you’ve repaired the first leaky pane, your window repair may end up being more expensive than window replacement!

3Is the wooden frame worn out?
The quality of wood plays a significant role in determining the durability of your timber windows. Timber windows made from excellent wood can maintain the same level of functionality for decades. Made from slow-growing pinewood sourced from our suppliers in Estonia, our wooden windows are guaranteed to keep your house warm and safe for years to come.
However, nothing lasts forever, and your timber window may have rotted after many years of service. You can test the condition of the wood by tapping an awl or screwdriver into the window sill.
The wooden frame is healthy if the tip sinks in by 2 to 3 mm. Your window may be rotting if the tip of your awl or screwdriver sinks in by 3 to 6 mm. If it enters by more than 6 mm, it’s clear that your timber window needs replacement.
4Are you repainting your windows too often?
If you need to repaint your windows more than once a year, it’s typically due to excessive moisture. Worn paint can take the forms of cracks and bubbles, making it increasingly difficult to maintain your windows.
If your existing windows are becoming harder to repaint, replacing them with new windows is perhaps a wise decision. Other than saving you from spending money on new paints, your new windows are likely to make your property more attractive to future buyers!
5Are your windows experiencing condensation?
Do your windows mist up in winter? It could be a sign that your window is punctured or poorly insulated.
If your windows are relatively new, condensation could mean that your house requires more ventilation. It could also mean that your windows lack warm edge spacers, causing the edge of your windows to be colder than the rest. This leads to condensation along the sides of your windows.
Klarwindows’ double glazed windows feature warm edge spacers that offer brilliant insulation, eliminating the problem of condensation. They also contribute to a better indoor climate.

Increase the value of your home with new windows

Double glazed windows are a long-term investment. Apart from providing a healthy indoor climate and reducing your energy bills, new double glazed windows can increase the value of your home.

Light incidence and maintenance are crucial in determining the value of a property. Old windows with wide frames and profiles don’t offer the same light incidence as our Scandinavian windows, which feature slim profiles and narrow frames that ensure maximum light incidence.

The easy maintenance of your new windows and the comfort they bring about will also allow you to put a heftier price tag on your property!

Still unsure whether you should replace your old windows? Get in touch with us for some expert advice!

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