To order and install windows and doors can be a difficult process for many people. But don't worry, below we will give you more in-depth information about the pine we use! Pine is the kind of wood most often used for Danish and Scandinavian windows. 

What does the tree rings mean for my window?

The tree rings are an important indicator that the wood is of good quality. Trees grow not only in height, but also in width. The closer together the tree rings, the colder it has been, where the tree has grown. Each individual ring consists of 2 zones - a lighter ring that shows the growth in the spring/summer period and a dark ring which shows growth in the autumn/windows period.


Pine as a raw material

The slow annual growth rate is something we as window manufacturers are looking for to a great extent, to ensure our customers the very best raw materials for their new doors and windows. Of course, old and slow-growing pines also have many knots. As a window manufacturer we are not very happy with these knots, because they cause resin sweats, which is not pretty. But for the quality of the windows and doors it's great. In modern sawmills the tree trunks are cut into planks used for window production. The knot are cut out and subsequently the planks are assembled longitudinally with what we call finger joints, so that you end up with a highly directional strong piece of processed pine - and it is this engineered timber Klarvindu uses for all our windows and doors.

Are certifications important?

At Klarvindu we only use slow-growing pine from Estonian sawmills that are FSC and PEFC certified. These certifications ensure replanting and sustainable forestry.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) brand is a guarantee that you can buy timber products with a clear conscience. In an FSC forest no more wood is cut down than the forest can reproduce. At the same time, the FSC is a guarantee that forest management takes many considerations into the biodiversity of the forest and that the people working in the forest receive education, safety equipment and a reasonable salary.

Wood is the most environmentally friendly raw material in the world and therefore you should consider replacing other materials, such as plastic, steel, aluminum or cement with wood. Wood provides unmatched environmental benefits that contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.

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