22nd October 2020

At Klarvindu we are proud to have passed the PAS24 security testing, meaning we will now be able to supply windows and doors to extensions and new-built homes with requirement to meet PAS24/Part Q regulations.

While we are working on adding the option to our website you can get in touch regarding PAS24 compliant products by adding products to the basket as usual, then use the Share Basket feature and tell us which positions you need to be PAS24 compliant.

Initial products to have passed the PAS24 testing are triple glazed aluclad Top Guided Windows, Fixed Windows, Single Doors, Sidelights, Fixed Floor to Ceiling Windows and Opening Floor to Ceiling Windows.

Learn more about PAS24 here >>

If you have any questions feel free to reach out through our contact form or on 0808 164 9920