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Your external frame dimensions
75 x 110 cm
Your external frame dimensions

iHow to measure your windows/doors.


Dimensions between 75 - 200 cm


Dimensions between 110 - 220 cm



The safest choice for renovation projects, where you will get a competitive priced, but long lasting wooden products.

The safest choice, if you want to minimise heating costs in addition to minimal maintenance.

The safest choice, if you want to minimise external noise.

2 Layers
Detailid3 05.jpg
2 Layers

Choosing double-glazing will give you:

  • Energy window panes with good insulation
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Detailid3 08.jpg

The best choice!

3 Layers

Choosing triple-glazing will give you:

  • Energy window panes with excellent insulation
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You can choose between double-glazed or triple-glazed glass. The more layers, the more you save on heating bills.

Solid construction with high-quality timber;

  • 100% heartwood in the frame
  • Knot-free timber
  • Quality checks three times per day
  • Responsible forestry
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Best choice!

Pinewood + Aluminum

Protect the timber with aluminium and get windows that don't need painting and can last a lifetime!

  • All benefits of high quality timber
  • Don't need painting
  • Can last a lifetime
  • Design related benefits
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All of our elements are created with materials that offer you a better insulation in your home.
Anthracite Grey
Deep Black
Choose between our different colours. If you have chosen alu clad timber, you can even separate the exterior and interior colour to really show the difference between inside and outside.
Glass types
Hardened glass
Hærdet glas.jpg
Hardened glass
i Hardened glass

Our safety glass is 4 times stronger than regular glass of the same thickness. In the unfortunate
occurrence that the glass breaks, it will break into small granules, with blunt edges, reducing the risk of personal injury. 

klaas plain 1920x1080.jpg
Clear glass
i Clear glass

The most commonly used glass for most purposes. The perfect glass for the perfect view. All our glass is of course super low-energy and comes standard with a warm edge. It is good both for the indoor environment and your wallet.

Sun protective glass
i Sun protective glass

Sun protective and energy-saving glass blocks 63% of the sun's heat. This provides a comfortable indoor climate all year round and reduces the cost of cooling the room in summer and heating it in winter. 10-12% less light will come through with sun protective glass compared to clear glass, but you still get 70% light penetration for Basic Low Energy (double-glazing) and 64% for Premium Energy+ (triple-glazing).

Acoustic glass
i Acoustic glass

Acoustic glass is the perfect choice for areas with high noise levels. The acoustic glass helps create a quiet indoor environment, providing greater comfort and well-being, improved sleep quality and lowered stress levels.

Kura 4 mm.jpg
i Kura
Kura is also an ornamental raw glass and is characterized by its vertical lines and rough surface.
Väikesed osad 21.jpg
i Satinovo
Satinovo is the more modern type of raw glass, with a more soft and silky surface. This elegant expression fits perfectly with newer buildings.
Ornament 4 mm.jpg
i Ornament
Ornament is the most used raw glass and is characterized by its crude and rough surface.
Glass types
From our wide selection of different glass types, you can choose the right type of glass for the right purpose. NOTE: Glazed doors, Sidelights and Floor to ceiling windows must have safety glass to comply with building regulations.
Internal profile



A smooth and clean internal frame with a stylish and modern look.

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Detailid3 01.jpg

The classic profile, also known as traditional Ovolo profile, is known for both its sharper edges and moulded corners.

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Internal profile
The design of a window or door depends very much on the selection of interior profile. You can choose between the modern softline finish with smooth angles or the classic finish with special molding. It is up to your vision and your choice. Please note that the glazing bars will be the same style as the selected profile type.
Frame grooves
Without frame groove
Ilma jooneta.jpg
Without frame groove
The element is delivered without grooves on the inside, so you have the option either to choose milling grooves or mount the window / door and just finished with a butt joint inside.
Udfræsning for not - sider og top.jpeg
Side and top frame groove
The element is delivered with 10x10 mm grooves on both jambs of the outer frame. This allows internal finish to be installed between the frame and the structure. This allows for an elegant finish around your windows and doors.
Frame grooves
A 10 mm sill grooves can be provided which aid the fitting of internal lining or window board. Note: These grooves cannot be made for inward opening doors.
Trickle vent
No Trickle vent
No Trickle vent
hvid ventil.jpg
White Trickle vent
We use an intelligent and hidden, built-in trickle vent, providing background ventilating without compromising the look of your windows.
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Trickle vent
Trickle vents provide ventilation of rooms without having to open the window. We recommend using window vents in rooms such as kitchens, bedrooms, toilets and bathrooms.

44 mm mahogany threshold.

The threshold of the door protects against the weather. We offer this in both hardwood and composite/aluminium. However, please beware of the requirement of accessibility.


Product number: KE2-4M

Materials: Knot free, slow-growing, FSC certified nordic heartwood.
Timber quality: Max. distance between growth rings – 4 mm; Min. weight - 480 kg/1m3
Sash: 57 x 60 mm (Opening windows only)
Frame: 44 x 115 mm

Hinges, handles, locks, vents, friction brake: Manufactured in Denmark and Sweden by manufacturers like IPA and ASSA ABLOY (RUKO)
Pre-drilled fixing holes: No - this ensures flexibility when it comes to product installation.
Aluminium glazing beads externally: Additional protection that extends the durability and eliminates nail holes with a nice smooth finish. 

Glass specifications: 4-20-4mm with Low-e coating, warm edge spacer and Argon (Standard clear glass)

Glass performance: Ug value: 1.15 W/m2K
Window performance: Uw value:  1.3 W/m2K

Wood treatment: Akzonobel Winflex P437
Paint: Akzonobel ZW Rubbol WF 3310-03-25 - Child friendly, without harmful chemicals.
Paint technology: Finiture Saonara Robot (The quality work of our painting robot is without comparison - and is one of the reasons to choose Klarwindows)

Cill packer: 86 x 18 mm - To attach window panels to our windows, we have a "Packer" mounted on the underside of the frame. This is part of the construction and is included in the overall dimensions of your window.
Cill packer drawings

Manufactured to your bespoke order: The measurements are determined by your project and our highly technological factory takes care of the rest. No middle man - just low prices and good quality windows. 
CE marking: Yes - your guarantee of European quality.
Warranty: 10 years

Technical drawings

Standard:9 Weeks
-50% (-£304.21)
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