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We fell in love with Klarwindow's cottage style windows as soon as we saw them and knew they would be perfect for our home. So many people have commented about how wonderful they look and we couldn't agree more! From ordering to installation and the after sales service, the team at Klarvindu have been outstanding. We will definitely be recommending them to our friends and family! 

The perfect match for our cottage!

Cottage Windows Two Sashes 12 Panes

Nikki Voyle purchased 6

Cottage Windows Two Sashes 12 Panes

I quickly fell in love with Klarwindows. I was really well-informed; it was easy for me to find the window combinations I wanted and the dimensions I needed. I chose Klarindows partly because they had good prices, but what was crucial was the information given on their website. I knew what I was ordering and what I wanted, whereas on some other websites, the information wasn’t as clear. I simply did not dare to book there. It's a lot of money, but I ended up feeling safe at Klarwindows. Karsten

Secure and Informative

I came across Klarwindows through ads, commercials and stuff like that. So I felt compelled to check out what they were about. And I found their prices very sensible and reasonable. That's why I ordered a window, to see if it actually could be true/right. My neighbour, who is a carpenter, could not put a finger on it. She then returns to Klarwindows herself, after she had scraped money together, as she simply needed new windows as well.  A carpenter cannot make windows such as these, for the money I paid. It would turn out more expensive. She says that she usually makes everything herself, but she thinks that Klarwindows’ products are so canonically beautiful and a great value for money. Johannes

The Quality Stamp of the Carpenter

I’ve been considering buying new basement windows for several years. There were other things in my house that needed to be done first: the kitchen and the bathroom. So the basement windows have been waiting for a while. I have been looking forward to getting them replaced. Now my basement has a completely different atmosphere with nice windows and a comfortable indoor climate. It's perfectly fit for habitation now, so I'm really happy. Jan

Habitable Basement Thanks to New Windows

I actually spent quite a few evenings figuring out where to buy windows from. Eventually I chose Klarwindows. At Klarwindows I received excellent customer service from a sweet and helpful team. I had to change my order because I made a mistake with one of the measurements. It should be a few cm narrower. The order had already been sent but production had not started, so I could easily get it changed. The customer service team contacted the production team before calling me back to tell me it wasn’t a problem. It was a really good experience and my order was delivered on time. Caroline

Efficient Customer Service

Before I came across Klarwindows, I already had some measurements and an idea of what my windows should look like. So other than prices, my decision was very much based on the usability of the window supplier’s website. I really fell for Klarwindows because of their ‘design your product’ feature - I wasn’t interested in a standard product. So it was step-by-step process, kind of like a baking recipe that you went through. I think it worked very well. A day after placing my order, I received an email notifying me that my windows were in production. Everything went smoothly. It was a good experience. I have also looked at prices afterwards and it also seems that we got a good price. Simon

I Design My Own Windows Using Their User-friendly Website

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