At Klarwindows want you to have the best result from your new windows and doors. To understand how our our windows and doors will work for your project, take a closer look at our drawings and installation details below.

Technical Drawings Windows 

Windows: Double Glazed Timber

Windows: Triple Glazed Timber

Windows: Double Glazed Aluclad

Windows: Triple Glazed Aluclad


Technical Drawings Doors 

Doors: Double Glazed Timber

Doors: Triple Glazed Timber

Doors: Double Glazed Aluclad

Doors: Triple Glazed Aluclad



Installation details

Timber Cladding - Opening window

Timber Cladding - Fixed Window

Render - Opening Window

Render - Fixed Window

Brick - Opening Window

Brick - Fixed Window

Brick - Opening Window - Alternative Cill

Brick - Fixed Window - Alternative Cill