We have created a user-friendly ordering system that makes it easy for you to select and customize your new windows and doors individually. With just a few clicks you can find exactly the type of window or door you are looking for and then with our configurator you can easily choose dimensions and materials, as well as color, material, glazing and glass type, and all other individual components.

We know that windows and doors are often a matter of taste and at the same time a matter of personal needs and preferences. Therefore,  we have sought to make the process as smooth and intuitive as possible from the beginning, so that you can handle the entire order yourself.

By reducing the number of disruptive elements and redundant information on our website, we have made it easier for you to find the right product. We are incredibly pleased with all the positive feedback we have received from our customers, among other women who emphasize how easy they thought it was to order doors and windows. Technical products are no longer only a "men's world".
In addition, we are proud of the award our website has won for its simple and visually appealing design.

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After placing your order, we will keep you updated all the way so you know exactly when you will receive your new products.
With Klarwindows, ordering windows and doors has suddenly become a very easy task. We look forward to receiving your next order!

If you do not feel comfortable ordering your windows online, we are only a click away!