When double glazing has become a staple in contemporary households, it’s difficult to reimagine a time when we all lived in freezing houses with cold rattling windows. Given the fact that double glazed windows are essentially a part of our everyday life, how much do you know about these life-changing inventions that help you power through the harsh winter months? Read on if you’re curious to find out more about double glazed windows because we’re going to unveil the magic behind these indispensable features of your home.

What is double glazing?


So how does double glazing work? Let’s start with the basics before answering this question.

Did you know that the origin of double glazing is still disputable? There’re various claims about who came up with the concept of double glazing, but it’s popularly believed that the Scots were the pioneers. During the Victorian era, Scottish people started to combat the frosty winter weather by adding an additional pane of glass to their windows.

American inventor C.D. Haven is the father of modern-day double glazing. In the 1930s, Haven named his version of double glazed windows ‘the Thermopane.’ Later patented by a glass company based in Ohio, it didn’t take long for the Thermopane to become widely sought-after among American households. The comfort and quality of living the Thermopane had brought associated double glazing with wealth and status. As a result, double glazing became prevalent in the United States and eventually in the UK in the 1970s.

Double glazing is a window that features two panes of glass. The two glass panes, separated by a spacer bar, trap a layer of air between them. This air gap is where the magic lies: it insulates your home and offers impressive energy-efficiency.

How does double glazing work: keeping your house warm

Double glazed windows have remained popular in the UK since the 1970s, thanks to the impeccable insulation they provide. We’ve mentioned that double glazed windows can retain heat in a room because of the layer of air trapped between their two panes of glass. But why?

We used to freeze in houses with single glazed windows because glass is far from a perfect insulator. Heat can easily escape through a single pane of glass. Single glazed windows don’t do much to stop cold air from passing through either. The result is a non-existent level of insulation.


Air, however, is a much better insulator of heat. When the warm air inside your house hits the inner pane of glass of your double glazed window, the air gap between the two glass panes immediately slows down the heat transfer, stopping the warm air from reaching the outer pane. Meanwhile, when cold air meets the external pane of glass, the air gap prevents it from travelling any further. When cold air can’t enter, and warm air can’t escape, your house will be so warm and cosy that no one wants to leave!

If you enjoy saving money, you’re going to enjoy your double glazing too because it won’t fail to help you slash your energy bills. Since double glazed windows can prevent heat from escaping, you’ll no longer have to blast your heating in order to keep your house warm. You can potentially save thousands per year if you replace all the single glazed windows in your house with double glazing!

How does double glazing work: reducing noise pollution

We all love a calm, peaceful home, but living in the city can sometimes make it seem unrealistic. With double glazed windows, you can regain the sense of tranquillity you deserve at home despite the hustle and bustle of the city. Whilst double glazing doesn’t eliminate all noise, it blocks out a good amount of it, making your home a lot quieter.

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