In the UK it is a requirement to have safety glass fitted in windows and doors in certain areas of your home.

Those areas are up to 150 cm over finished floor level for doors and side panels within 30 cm of the door edges and any window under 80 cm over finished floor levels.

We, therefore, recommend that to comply with the UK Building Regulations, safety glazing is always selected on glazed doorssidelights and floor to ceiling windows – if you have any questions before the order is placed, please contact our customer service team.


Learn more about the regulations in Protection from falling, collision and impact, Approved Document K 


What is safety glass?

Our safety glass is toughened and 4 times stronger than regular glass of the same thickness. In the unfortunate occurrence that the glass breaks, it will break into small granules, with blunt edges, reducing the risk of personal injury. 

Why do I need safety glass in my windows and doors?

Although it can withstand greater impact forces on its surface, toughened glass (safety glass') main purpose is to reduce the risk of injury. If the glass is broken for any reason, it will break safely to prevent harm to the household.

The correct location of safety glazing is one of the items which building control or building surveyors will look to check after installation and when you are looking to sell your property.