Why is aluminium a good choice for your windows and doors?

Aluminium is widely used in everything from car parts, pots and pans, sport equipment etc., and now also as a weather protection for alu-clad timber windows. The aluminium profiles are extruded to the shape that fits perfectly on our traditional scandinavian timber windows. Why do this? The aluminium profiles protect the timber and extends the life time of the windows and doors while minimising the need for maintenance.

1Does UV rays affect my windows?
In short, YES! The aluminium profiles protects the timber from the damaging UV rays from the sun, thus increasing the lifespan of the windows significantly. 
2Does alu-clad windows and doors require maintence? 
Yes! Despite the added protection and minimised maintenance alu-clad require an annual clean and lubrication of moving ironmongery and hinges, to ensure trouble free operation in years to come. 
3What if I need to replace a window pane?
If you should need to replace a window pane, the aluminium profiles can be removed and refitted afterward.
Should one of the aluminium profiles get damaged, it can be replaced. The aluminium profiles are powder coated for extra weather protection and durability. Should the surface become dull with the degradation of the weather, the powder-coated aluminum profiles can be polished back up as if it was a car.
4Why pay extra for alu-clad windows?
The added benefits mentioned above means you don't have to paint your windows every 3-10 years. If you plan to stay in your house for long time and you want less hassle with maintenace choose alu-clad windows. 
5How does aluclad windows look?
In short, they look just like any other window out there. And you can hardly tell the difference from timber or uPVC. However, you WILL be able to look at your aluclad windows for 20, 30 ,40 years without having to replace them ;-)

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Below is an example of aluclad cottage windows and an aluclad Helsingør front door in a lovely renovated cottage near Cambridge.