Double glazing is an indispensable part of our homes that we cannot live without. With double glazing, you can turn your enchanting period property into a cosy contemporary home. Double glazing keeps your house secure, winterproof and energy-efficient. With the right window design, you can experience your favourite era in the comfort of the 21st century.

Since double glazing is so crucial to our quality of living, your double glazing cost is an expense that you cannot avoid. That’s why you want to make sure that your double glazed windows are good value for money. You want something that’s high-performance but still affordable.

Budgeting your window replacement project can be daunting. But worry not – we’re here to give you a hand by helping you understand your double glazing cost. Read on to know more about the usual cost of double glazing and the factors that affect your double glazing cost.

The average cost of double glazing

The cost of double glazing varies with the material, style and dimensions of your double glazed windows so it isn’t a straightforward answer. The supplier you go for will also affect your double glazing cost. However, expect yourself to be paying around £200 to £700 to get a double glazed window installed in the UK.

Factors affecting your double glazing cost

As we mentioned above, there’re multiple factors impacting your double glazing cost. When your double glazing cost is vague, it makes it very challenging to budget your home improvement project, and we get that. So, to make life easier for you, we’re giving you a summary of the factors that influence the cost of double glazing and how they would change your double glazing cost.

Materials play a key role in determining your double glazing cost. uPVC is among one of the most inexpensive choices of materials, which also explains its popularity. A 60 x 90 cm uPVC casement window will cost you between £250 to £600 on average.
Timber, on the contrary, is more on the high-end side. It gives any window an elegant, timeless appearance. Unsurprisingly, its attractiveness comes with a hefty price tag. If you’re opting for timber, expect your double glazing cost to be 50% higher than uPVC. You need around £800 to £1,700 on average to have a 60 x 90 cm timber casement window installed.
2Styles of windows
The style of your windows is another factor that you can’t forget about. Some designs are more sophisticated and require more workmanship, so their prices are inevitably higher.
The long-standing casement windows are among the most economical window types. Loved by British families for hundreds of years, casement windows are side guided and feature one pane opening or a pair.
Sash windows embody the beauty of traditions. Ideal for period properties, a sash window features two sashes that slide up and down over one another. Double glazed sliding sash windows are usually 50% more expensive than casement windows. For example, a small double glazed wooden sash window will cost you £1,200 to £2,500 to install, whilst its casement counterpart may only cost you £800 to £1,200.
Bay windows are probably one of the most luxurious types of windows. Tailored to maximise natural light and indoor spaces, a bay window consists of at least three extensive panels of glass. For this reason, a bay window can increase your double glazing cost by 150% compared to a casement window!

Lower your double glazing cost with Klarwindows

If you’ve tried getting instant price quotes using our powerful configurator, you may have noticed that ordering from us can significantly lower your double glazing cost. For instance, a 60 x 90 cm timber casement window is only £229, which is a fraction of the average on the market!

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You might be thinking we’re sacrificing quality for affordability, but the secret to our incredible pricing lies in our optimised company structure and manufacturing process. With our one-of-a-kind online ordering system, you can send your order straight to our factory from the comfort of your sofa. With all middlemen removed from the ordering process, your double glazing cost is kept to a minimum.

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Our factory is located in proximity to the pine forests in Estonia, where we obtain our FSC-certified pinewood to make your custom windows. The accessibility of raw materials helps streamline our production process, making our double glazed windows more affordable than those of our competitors.

We also encourage you to install your own windows, which is a great way to cut your double glazing cost. Our comprehensive guide to window and door installation can help you become a fabulous window fitter in no time. Installing windows yourself not only saves you a large chunk of money; it’s also a satisfying experience. That sense of achievement is simply irreplaceable!

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Are you more confident in budgeting your window project now? Whilst installing double glazed windows is an investment, there’s no question that it’s money well spent. After all, who can resist the comfort that comes along with double glazing?

Ordering from Klarwindows also allows you to get your hands on quality double glazed timber windows at a fraction of the average double glazing cost. This makes budgeting your home renovation project a lot less intimidating.

Wondering what else you can do to reduce your double glazing cost? Check out our blog post on how to save money on new windows.

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