Glazed patio doors have the potential to transform your home’s living space into a bright, sun-soaked sanctuary. As well as creating that sought-after connection inside and out, French doors provide quick and easy access in and out of the house.

At Klarwindows there are a plethora of design solutions to choose from, whether you want a striking contemporary entrance or more of a traditional design. There’s also the option to tailor your patio doors by customising the frame material and incorporating side glazing.

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Thermal performance is another key consideration when it comes to choosing the right French doors for your home - that’s why Klarwindows provides multiple glazing options to suit your energy performance objectives.

Here, we lay out the various solutions for the perfect door setup.


Frame materials

French doors offer a timeless entrance solution that can be designed to complement most properties.

Timber is the classic frame material for traditional homes, offering a characterful aesthetic that few manmade products can match.

Timber provides a hard-wearing solution that will last many years when properly maintained. It’s also a natural insulator, which makes it a strong contender if excellent thermal performance is one of your key priorities.

It’s also a renewable resource, which gives it the edge over manmade materials like PVCu in terms of being natural material See here for more information on the benefits of Klarwindows’ FSC-certified timber.

If it’s a contemporary look you’re after, Klarwindows’ Alu-clad patio door frames offer the best of both worlds in terms of thermal performance and aesthetics: sleek and modern on the outside, with the warm appearance and innate insulation of wood on the inside.

The aluminium face protects the timber core of the frame, ensuring a long lifespan with little upkeep required.


Glazing options

Choosing an energy-efficient product is a top priority for most of us, and there’s a range of French door systems on the market that achieve varying levels of thermal performance. Selecting double or triple glazing will therefore be an important part of your specification.
Klarvindu double or triple glazing.jpg

U-values, provide a fairly good indication of a door’s overall performance. Essentially, this measure quantifies the amount of heat lost via the door, where the lower the number, the better the thermal performance.

Klarwindows’ 2-layered glass option is a double-glazed solution that provides an efficient performance to meet UK Building Regulations. However, if keeping heating bills down is one of your top priorities, our 3-layered glass option is a triple glazed solution with even more impressive thermal performance.


Style solutions

One of the beauties of choosing glazed patio doors from Klarwindows is the wealth of design options at your fingertips.

For example, our fully glazed French doors are ideal for creating a contemporary look. They also invite the maximum amount of sunshine into your living space. Plus, incorporating large panes of glass will help create that all-important seamless link to the garden.

Depending on the space you have and the size of the opening you’re working with, we have single and double door products available to complement your requirements.

Of course, a fully glazed door won’t be the right fit for all homes – particularly if you’re looking to match your new patio doors to the existing fenestration in a traditional home. If this is the case, a design with glazing bars might harmonise beautifully with the windows that are already there.

For example, our double doors with glazing bars offer an elegant solution for period properties. Plus, we use adhesive glazing bars on the panes to ensure that the door’s thermal performance isn’t compromised at the expense of aesthetics.

Our narrow 24mm glazing bars are ideal if you’re focused on letting as much light in as possible. However, our wider standard glazing bars measure 44m to establish a more classic look.

Tailored door design

Every home is unique, which is why Klarwindows provide various choices for opening configurations depending on the available space and size of the opening.

Single patio doors – either with or without styling bars – offer a convenient access point to nip in and out of the garden.

If you’re looking for indoor-outdoor living, double doors provide the ideal route to creating an unbroken link between inside and out. You’ll be able to throw open the doors on a sunny day to extend your living space outwards into the garden.

To create a larger expanse of glass, you can combine your entrance with fixed or opening windows to one or both sides of the doors. The broader the run of glazing is, the more natural light you will have streaming into the property.


Your bespoke order

As well as personalising the frame material, glazing and opening configuration of your Klarwindows patio doors, you can tailor the panel measurements to suit your project, too. Klarwindows supplies doors measuring up to 230cm in height.

You also have the option to personalise the ironmongery. Various handle styles are available for more traditional schemes, plus a selection of handles with or without keys to choose from.


Follow our guide to measuring windows and doors, before looking up your prices online. Our online configurator will provide an instant quote for your patio and french doors, and when you are happy with your chosen options you can place the order online and have your new windows and doors delivered typically in 6 weeks. 

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