You might be thinking: "Who can undertake the replacement of windows in domestic situations?" The simple answer is anybody.

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However, you need to ensure that your new glazing meets the UK Building Regulations. Since April 2002, when selling a property, it is required to provide a certificate to confirm that any works complied with the regulations. This means replacement windows and doors must meet the thermal performance standards, safety glazing requirements, fires escapes sizes, background ventilation, and that the structure is able to support any newly formed openings.

How can I get a certificate of the works?

There are several ways to comply and the most common method is to submit a ‘Building Notice’, which you can do yourself.

  • Building Notice: The local Building Control department has a standard form and fee structure, which can be accessed from their website. The form should be completed and submitted prior to the works commencing. Once the works have been completed an inspector will visit the site to check that the works meet the Building Regulations.

Read a short article from the UK Council

  • Self Assessment Scheme: Companies can select to join a scheme where they agree to meet the Building Regulations. The most common of these schemes are FENSA and CERTASS, where within 30 days of completion of the works the companies must submit a certificate to confirm that they have worked to all the regulations.

You can do it!

We believe that the best way to do it is to do it yourself! If you want to improve your home, and you want to save on fees and middlemen, you can order your windows directly from our factory here on this webpage.

Our customer, Mogens, from Denmark has measured, ordered online and installed himself. Watch his story with subtitles here:

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