As you may have experienced in the past, it is often the case that if you want something done properly, you have to do it yourself. At Klarwindows we operate with a unique concept that follows this motto and sets a new market standard for windows and doors.

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We have cut out all costly intermediaries, reducing the risk of logistical errors, misunderstandings, and other problems that result in unsatisfactory results. Our simple business model offers you a number of unique advantages that you do not find anywhere else on the UK market.

We are first and foremost able to keep both price and delivery time at the lower end, while the quality of our doors and windows are always at the top! Wholesale and retail intermediaries normally increase the final price significantly, so by cutting out the middlemen, we have achieved an extremely efficient process that we can control from start to finish.

After receiving your order through our online store, we produce your new windows and doors at our own factory and ship the products directly to you. 

As with other fast-growing webshops, we are convinced that less is more. We are always looking to exceed your expectations, and by cutting away all expensive intermediaries, we increase the chances of creating more value for you!

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