Just as one can't make good food with bad ingredients, neither can we produce quality products with bad materials. Klarwindows uses only the best suppliers who supply quality products to the entire Scandinavian window industry.

1 Premium pine wood
We manufacture all our windows and doors at our own factory in Estonia. This tradition-rich country offers one of the world's best slow-growing pine trees and we buy our timber exclusively from FCS certified local suppliers.
The Forest Stewardship Council is an international certificate and means that the tree comes from a forest where cutting and growing the trees is always in balance and control. Animal and plant life is preserved and employees are guaranteed proper wages, safety equipment, and education. The certificate has the backing of green organizations such as WWF, Greenpeace, and World Forests.

We use the core of this pine tree which is cut into different planks and joined together into one component. Thus, an incredible amount of strength is obtained in the wood, which makes it both stable and extra weather resistant. The extraordinarily high quality of the wood is, literally, at the center of all of our products.

2 High-end production

In the production, we work exclusively with the leading and carefully selected suppliers of glass, locks and handles, fittings, paints, etc. Our partners include companies such as Saint-Gobain, RUKO (Assa Abloy), FIX, and IPA among others. The suppliers' many years of experience and expertise in their respective fields result in excellent components, which will ultimately benefit you in the form of an excellent final product.

Our factory works on a fully automated process using the newest machinery in the industry. 

  • Natural impregnation from Core Wood
    The choice of slow-growing pine trees and using only the heartwood in the frame is no accident. The high core ratio on one hand means that it does not yield as much as lower quality tree parts, and on the other hand it provides the natural protection of the end products from the tree itself. The cells of the core tree provide the natural substance of pinosyl that helps to protect against bacteria and fungi. We add an additional layer of paint and impregnation with a special AkzoNobel 3 component designed to withstand the harsh Scandinavian climate. Our paint, of course, is also free of dangerous toxins for the sake of nature and your family.
  • No dangerous toxins in the paint
    It is possible to get exceptionally good paints that at the same time do not destroy nature or are not dangerous for families with children. Of course, we have chosen these in our production!
  • Paperless production at Klarwindows' factory
    From 2019, Klarwindows can proudly present paperless production! That means that no paper is used for production purposes. Everything is digital! It doesn't sound like much, but companies' consumption of paper is huge - especially in factories where it's needed to keep track of a thousand different elements throughout the different stages of production. We are happy to say that we use the trees only for our quality windows and doors.
  • Employee approach to responsible forestry
    Once a year, Klarwindows employees put on their rubber boots and take a shovel in their hands, and spend a whole day giving back to nature and plant as many trees as possible. In 2019 we planted approximately 900 trees. It was hard and fun!

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Finally, we test the quality of our own doors and windows to make sure that they meet our stringent requirements. The process of producing Klarwindows windows and doors is thus characterized by an extraordinary thoroughness and attention to detail.

In other words, we are never compromising in our selection of wood or in the quality of our production, neither in our approach to the final quality of all our products. If you are searching for new, beautiful and long-lasting windows and doors, you don't need to look any further.

You will get a 10-year warranty on all our premium products, which is why we don't hesitate to say that Klarwindows gives you great value for your money and is always an investment that pays you back!